Muddy ice in Minas Basin

Jul 09, 13 Muddy ice in Minas Basin

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In June 2013, researchers from DFO (BIO), Dalhousie, and Acadia sailed on the CCGS Hudson to do some science. During the cruise, we deployed twelve sediment-laden ice blocks in Minas Basin to assess melt rates and observe drift. This work is part of a larger project aiming to survey the occurrence of sediment-laden and occasionally...

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The oceanographic rosette

Apr 07, 13 The oceanographic rosette

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A rosette is not an oceanographic instrument itself. It is a round frame tied to a winch on which different instruments can be mounted. During the AZMP (Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program) cruise in April 2013, the rosette for a typical profile includes two CTDs, two optodes, two fluorometers, two ADCPs (one looking up, the other...

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What does a cabin inside a ship look like?

Mar 16, 13 What does a cabin inside a ship look like?

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If you’ve never been to sea before, you may be wondering what the cabin you will sleep in looks like. There is a lot of variation from ship to ship, especially between vessels of different size and purpose. Take a video tour of a 2 berth (bed) cabin on the main deck of the CCGS Hudson, a 296-ft offshore oceanographic and...

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Grand Banks/Flemish Cap geoscience

Sep 15, 11 Grand Banks/Flemish Cap geoscience

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In August 2011, I had the opportunity to sail on the CCGS Hudson for a seismic and sediment coring expedition to the Grand Banks and Flemish Cap. We collected over 60 piston cores in 15 days and made seismic transects all night! … and I made some great friends and got screeched in while we stopped in St. John’s,...

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