Creativity in the field

Being in the field or at sea is one of the perks of being an oceanographer, at least for some of us. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, a lot of planning and preparation comes into play because, just like camping, what you have with you is all you have and nobody wants to carry around more material than needed. Anyone who has...

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Tropical Pacific geoscience

May 14, 13 Tropical Pacific geoscience

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It’s always nice to “have” to go to sea in the tropics, especially when it’s 10 C and rainy back in Halifax. Dal MSc student Liz Kerrigan and her supervisor, Prof. Markus Kienast, are currently sailing aboard the 98 m German research vessel RV Sonne between Kaohsiung in Taiwan and Jayapura in the easternmost...

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Sediment coring off the Galápagos Islands

Apr 20, 09 Sediment coring off the Galápagos Islands

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While doing my master’s in oceanography at Dal, I had the opportunity to sail on the R/V Knorr for a coring expedition targeting the Galápagos platform and the Peruvian Margin. We departed from and returned to port at Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island in the Galápagos, Ecuador. In addition to being on one of the best...

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