Muddy ice in Minas Basin

Jul 09, 13 Muddy ice in Minas Basin

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In June 2013, researchers from DFO (BIO), Dalhousie, and Acadia sailed on the CCGS Hudson to do some science. During the cruise, we deployed twelve sediment-laden ice blocks in Minas Basin to assess melt rates and observe drift. This work is part of a larger project aiming to survey the occurrence of sediment-laden and occasionally...

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Instrument recovery using acoustic releases

Aug 03, 12 Instrument recovery using acoustic releases

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In July 2012, I had the opportunity to conduct fieldwork in Grand Passage, Nova Scotia. This tidal channel lies between Brier Island and Long Island, along the Digby Neck, and is proposed for in-stream tidal turbine development. We collected acoustic measurements from a bottom-mounted frame with a hydrophone on it. The greatest...

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Sampling mud flats despite large tides!

You might have heard that the Bay of Fundy is home of the largest tides in the world, reaching heights above 16 m. As part of my Master’s project, I needed to obtain sediment cores from mud flats that experience such huge tides. Our usual hand coring technique consists of using a simple device to push plastic barrels into...

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