Filling the MUC with muck!

May 18, 13 Filling the MUC with muck!

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Often times ocean scientists are interested in what’s happening below the water, on the ocean floor. One instrument used to sample deep-water ocean sediments is a Multi-Corer or MUC. What’s cool about a MUC is that it keeps the sediment-water interface intact. The ability of the MUC to preserve the most recent (top) sediment...

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Tropical Pacific geoscience

May 14, 13 Tropical Pacific geoscience

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It’s always nice to “have” to go to sea in the tropics, especially when it’s 10 C and rainy back in Halifax. Dal MSc student Liz Kerrigan and her supervisor, Prof. Markus Kienast, are currently sailing aboard the 98 m German research vessel RV Sonne between Kaohsiung in Taiwan and Jayapura in the easternmost...

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Sampling mud flats despite large tides!

You might have heard that the Bay of Fundy is home of the largest tides in the world, reaching heights above 16 m. As part of my Master’s project, I needed to obtain sediment cores from mud flats that experience such huge tides. Our usual hand coring technique consists of using a simple device to push plastic barrels into...

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Grand Banks/Flemish Cap geoscience

Sep 15, 11 Grand Banks/Flemish Cap geoscience

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In August 2011, I had the opportunity to sail on the CCGS Hudson for a seismic and sediment coring expedition to the Grand Banks and Flemish Cap. We collected over 60 piston cores in 15 days and made seismic transects all night! … and I made some great friends and got screeched in while we stopped in St. John’s,...

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Sediment coring off the Galápagos Islands

Apr 20, 09 Sediment coring off the Galápagos Islands

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While doing my master’s in oceanography at Dal, I had the opportunity to sail on the R/V Knorr for a coring expedition targeting the Galápagos platform and the Peruvian Margin. We departed from and returned to port at Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island in the Galápagos, Ecuador. In addition to being on one of the best...

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